• Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm

    Happy Hour in Hayward

  • Served from 2pm to 12am

    Taco Tuesday

Lounge Bar in Hayward

About us:

The Dirty Bird Lounge is a large open space that offers a great place for groups and carries the unique bourgeois dive atmosphere alongside popular fine drink selections.

While you’re here order some food provided by Tailfeather.

The Dirty Bird Tailfeather Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen running out of the dirty bird, our partners Dirty Bird Tailfeather Kitchen is a family run affair.

Chef Victor Calderon in the back, cooking your meals, with his lovely wife, Fernanda, taking your orders in the front. Every plate that is cooked and served by the Calderon’s comes with a pinch of love, and a dash of blood, sweat, and tears (hopefully just metaphorically) Cheers to the family that keeps us fed between the cocktails. 

Food Hayward

A Lovely Patio to enjoy your DBL Experience

Best food Hayward
Tacos & Wax

In the Works

Years in the making, the Dirty Bird Underground, a speakeasy event space in the bars basement, has begun to take shape. Designs are soon to be submitted with the City of Hayward with the hopes of construction to begin taking place in the months to come. Stay tuned!

The DBL Style

Hoodies, T-shirts and caps. Ask the staff how to get them!

What People Say

Armando Beltran
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I love this place good food, good drinks and good atmosphere perfect place to have a good time
Robert Rimando
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Definitely one of Hayward’s hidden gems!
Ben Kowalczyk
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Stumbled in on a Saturday and had so much fun at the Camjam. Great to see local artists, vendors, and bartenders coming together. Hope they keep it up.
Patricia R.
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I always have a good time when I come. They check ID's in the front. Plenty of security guards. Parking garage is 2 blocks away. They also serve food in case anyone wants to go grab a bite to eat before they start drinking and dancing.
Monicka Tapia
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Awesome place. Stopped in while visiting from Oregon. Cool interior with amazing outdoor seating. Service was wonderful. Unbeknownst to us, we had a nice conversation with the general manager who was super friendly. Will definitely visit again.
Linda Atieno (Blackplanet)
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Went for a friend graduation celebration. Good crowd for a weekday. Affordable prices on alcohol. Took a pic of someone drink in a skull. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Good music, nice location but parking might be a bit tough but I saw a parking spot at Chase opposite the joint.
Regina G.A.
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Great lil lounge bar in d.t. Hayward. It's a chill spot and now they have outdoor patio behind the inside bar part, so even better. Always a fan of happy hour.